July 1st, 2006


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So, as some of you know, I used to be a big collector of action figures, etc. Man, sure wish I still had all the old Star Wars figures I've had through the years, wouldn't THAT be something to see? Anyway, there's quite a load of them taking up shelf space in my house. I kinda got to thinking that they just aren't doing me much good anymore, they are just gathering dust...but maybe one of you is interested?

Here's the deal: I've got the complete sets of Clive Barker's "Tortured Souls", "Tortured Souls 2", and "Infernal Parade."1 All are in very good condition; they are not in the packaging, and there has been the occasional small mishap in moving that needed to be glued. However, they still look very damn good, and have all the little pieces included. All three sets are available to whoever wants them; I'd like to keep each set together (much easier on shipping, etc.).

We're talking $300 in figures here, give or take. I'd like to ask for $30 per set, if that's not too greedy. I'd like to get them out of my place, free up some shelf space, and it'd be cooler by me if they went to people who will appreciate them, instead of going into a box in my closet, you know?

So, let me know if the deal strikes ya.

1TS1 and Infernal parade are now spoken for. TS2 is still available.
Glow Skull

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Well, looks like I'm off. Headed downtown to a gallery showing of circle23's photos...nifty bodymod stuff, he's so cool. More later.

P.S. - Go check him out, dammit.

EDIT: back. Cool pictures, interesting people...and good to see Roger, because he's damn fun. I'm not sure how, but you managed to avoid getting stuck in a "throw the horns" pic with me...but just you wait, suckafool!