July 2nd, 2006

Burn The World

Missing The Mark

Boy, sometimes I'm really glad I no longer live in Memphis. If I did, well, I'd probably be arrested fro vandalism or destruction of property or something. Why, you ask?

Because some church in Memphis is erecting a 72-foot tall replica of the Statue of Liberty...making it some kind of Christian symbol. Instead of her tablet with it's "give me your poor..." inscription, she holds the Ten Commandments. Instead of her torch, she holds a cross. Her crown of seven spikes now represents "the seven redemptive names of Christ," whatever the bloody Hell that means. Oh, and dare I forget the tear she sheds for America? Apparently, this monstrosity is supposed to represent "America belonging to God through Jesus Christ."

Yeah, you know, America, where the Constitution's very first Amendment gives us freedom of religion (oh, man, if only it would specify freedom FROM religion!). America does not belong to any god, you zealots, it belongs to the people (at least, it should, and that's another rant for another time). And, just to add to the idiocy? The local paper there doesn't state anything about what it cost, but the Jamaica Observer notes that this fuckin' thing cost $260,000. Yes, a quarter of a million dollars that could have gone to helping the homeless, or poor families, or needy children, or any number of good, helpful, community-conscious outreach programs that improve people's lives...instead, spent on this, this...man, I cannot come up with a word that is strong enough for this steaming pile of parrot droppings.

So, yeah, glad I'm not in Memphis.