July 20th, 2006

Jet (Cowboy Bebop)

Notes of Randomness +3

Split another half a cord of wood today. Looks like we are one more half-cord from completion...man it'll be nice to be done. It's only once a year, but what a pain for that once. Blah.

In a perfect "here's what's wrong with America" moment, a 25-year old woman is suing her own parents for $75k. Why? Because she went up to surprise her mom for the mom's birthday, and the next day slipped on some ice in the driveway. "The daughter said that a letter from her mom apologizing months after the fall proves that her parents knew they had a defective gutter for years and did nothing about it. Her parents said that she can't prove the driveway was icy at the time or that their drainage system was faulty. U.S. District Judge John Shabaz said that a jury should decide the matter." Sounds to me like a jury should decide whether or not these yahoos are worthy of breathing any further. Let's hope the bitch hasn't been breeding.

Much thanks to t_o_e for sharing "Things overheard from Klingon programmers":

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Gaming Is A Way Of Life

Game Woes

Well, divinemissb didn't get hardly any sleep last night, so looks like tonight's game is kaput. Actually, when I told VanB about this, he responded that he was up rather late last night with his new game, and thus didn't get as much sleep as he meant to, either. So, no game tonight. Damn. What was that I said about all my planning the other day?

Back in my day, when we had a game, sleep or no sleep, we suffered through it, dammit, and we loved it. We also used a lot of commas and clauses in our sentences, you know, and that's just the way it was. Uphill. Both ways. In eight feet of snow.

Dunno what I'm doing tonight, but I'll get hold of chaosreality and we'll do something (madeofmeat, you're welcome to show up, too, just didn't know if you wanted to make the trip up here). Hell, he and I and zombiedip can play Talisman or something. Actually, I've been playing with her a lot today...I'm sure the wood shop has never seen THAT act performed within it's vicinity before. ;)