July 29th, 2006


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So, manned the grill for the reunion today, like every year. Got rave comments for my burgers and ribs, like every year. Dammit, I may be mostly useless, but there are some things I will TOTALLY KICK YOUR ASS at. Or at least make you go "hey, that's damn tasty." Now, just preparing for this week's major event: Ray's brain tumour surgery.

On an unrelated note, wanted to say a hearty 'good-bye' to geisha_doll, who is about to remove herself from the online world. Sucks to see ya go, doll, 'cause I happen to think you're pretty damn cool and interesting, and it's been simply scrumptious knowing you. Drives me crazy not knowing why, of course, but that's your business, not mine. Just be safe, be happy, and always be you. You rock.
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