August 10th, 2006

Eye Heart The Residents

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You gotta check out this house. Just a damn cool place. The original owners designed and built it, and it was eventually willed to a doctor 5 or 6 years ago, who apparently just sat on it until finally putting it up for sale. The sad part? It's being billed and sold as a "teardown." OK, maybe you'd want to modernize it a little and do some small fixing up (the house was built in 1950, after all), but come on, that is a damn cool house, and the kind you will probably never see again.

Man, if I had the money, you know?

Drinkie Time!

Yet another week's game cancelled. Seems John has to be home tonight to take care of the various animals, etc., since delilahbowie is out of town. Completely legit, of course, I understand. Just wish I'd found this out, you know, sometime earlier than two fucking hours before the game. This means I have to hurry and call everyone else, so they don't drive clear out here for no reason, and also means my evening is now shot. *sigh*

Fuck all this. I've wanted to get completely fucking sloshed for a while, and with everything going on lately, I think I damn well deserve it. So, fine, tomorrow night I have a date with several bottles of various substances. Looks like I'll have dravengodvamp and chaosreality there to help, and it works out fine, since I think swanwhite is going to hang out with a friend of hers, anyway. So, if you wanna come get fu-schnickened with me, you're more than welcome to do so.

The booze, it is needed.