August 21st, 2006


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Last night, as responsible late night TV viewers in Sweden were watching an informative presentation of the latest political poll numbers on the country’s public service SVT station, hardcore group sex could be seen playing on one of the numerous video screens over the presenter's shoulder.

Apparently, staff at the show had been watching the hardcore channel earlier in the night, and had forgotten to switch stations, resulting in viewers trying to catch the latest poll figures seeing group anal and oral sex. A bigwig at the station, when asked if they saw this as a funny goof, said, "No, this is serious...It is incredible that nobody working noticed this."


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Three kids come down to the kitchen and sit around the breakfast table. The mother asks the oldest boy what he’d like to eat.

"I’ll have some fuckin' French toast," he says. The mother is outraged at his language, hits him, and sends him upstairs. She asks the middle child what he wants.

"Well, I guess that leaves more fuckin' French toast for me," he says. She is livid, smacks him, and sends him away.

Finally she asks the youngest son what he wants for breakfast. "I don’t know," he says meekly, "but I definitely don’t want the fuckin' French toast."

Long Day With Happy Ending

Yesterday: wake up, get Dianna to call her mom, so we can find out the schedule for the day. Yeah, it all started there.

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After all that, I get an e-mail. I had offered Dianna's services as a notary public to someone, and never heard back, and they mailed me, asking if that was still an option. I got on the phone, we worked out details, and gave them the address. I was watching old Doctor Who episodes when they arrived...and that was the start of a great moment. To make a long story short, that and many other things around the house got commented on, back and forth, and by the time they left, what started as a random favour to a random person turned into the beginnings of what could be good friends. A fun pair, and glad to have met them. Hopefully getting together in the near future for some movies and booze, and might even bring them into gaming...

Needless to say, it was a wonderful moment to end the night on. Oh, and yes, I fixed the stereo.

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Just got the news: Ray actually moved his leg, of his own accord! Did it while Rose was there, too, so we have witnesses. ;)

This is just too cool, it shows he's healing faster than anyone would have thought.
Burn The World

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Hey, time for more "You Gotta Be Shitting Me!" news...


From the "Organized Religion Is Fucked-Up" Department: Sunday School Teacher Fired For Being Female - This old lady has been a member of her church for 60 freakin' years, and has been teaching Sunday School there for 11. Last Thursday, she gets a letter saying she's dismissed...because the board had adopted the scriptural qualifications for Sunday school teachers. In short, this prohibits women from teaching men.

Yeah, 'cause, you know, equal rights regardless of gender was such a bad idea. See, here's part of my problem with laws based on religion: religion is stagnant. Everyone else has grown up,learned, adapted, might be tempted to say evolved...but religion is still mired in some pre-Dark Ages muck. Read the article, there's some other things it has to say about changes in the church...and it's just gets funnier. Way to go, jackasses, good job being the bad apples in this particular barrel.


From the "Goddamn It, Leave It Alone" Department: Warner Brothers animation is remaking the Thundercats as an animated TV series. - According to an article over at "Ain't It Cool News" (who are all deciding that this is decidedly NOT cool), this new show will be yet another whimsical, Americanized-anime style show, along the lines of the new Teen Titans cartoon. Now, that's bad enough, but it gets worse. The setting is modern-day Earth, in a major city (possibly LA); the Thundercats are all teenagers; their leader is Snarf, who is now a mystic with a "third" eye; each of the Thundercats has a weapon with an "Eye of Thunderra" and transformative powers (not just Lion-O); and when they aren't fighting evil, the Thundercats play together as a rock band. That's not a typo, or a joke.

For fuck's sakes, can we give this crap a rest? Are there NO creative types left in the mainstream production houses? Is America going to seriously continue to put up with this "everything old is new again" bullshit? Sadly, yes, apparently they are. All I have to say is thank the fuckin' stars I don't watch TV.