September 1st, 2006


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Edvard Munch paintings recovered, 'can be repaired' museum official says

Police spokesman Morten Hojem Ervik refused to say how or where officers had retrieved the artworks, but yes, they HAVE been recovered. 'The Scream' had been banged pretty hard in one corner, and 'Madonna' has a 1-inch hole and some loose paint, but museum director Ingebjoerg Ydstie seems very happy and hopeful, and says museum conservators will be able to repair the damage.
Frank The Bunny (Countdown)

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Dianna's home again today. The flu has crawled right up on top of her, and she feels rotten. Going from fine to nauseous, sweaty to shivering, yeah, she's just having a BALL, lemme tell ya...and, by extension, so am I.

Final push on the game today, to get myself in position to get in on Saturday's festivities. I realize this means nothing to 99% of you.

Saw the trailers and a couple clips for the new remake of The Wicker Man, and it looks like everything I thought it would be...i.e. crap-on-a-stick. Nick Cage is as wooden as ever, still can't seem to play a character that isn't the same one he always plays. The script has been ripped apart, shifted and changed. The initial comments I'm seeing are calling the end of the film "the worst ending ever made." Sergeant Howie is now "Edward Malus." Lord Summerisle is now "Sister Summerisle." Bah, give me Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee.