September 15th, 2006

Eye Heart The Residents

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Spent half of yesterday asleep (guess I needed it), had strange dreams, then woke up with a terrible sense of urgency, like I simply HAD to get something done, or clue why. Oh well, awake now, I guess it gives me more time.

In other news, I'm less jumpy about the newest plan, and glad I'm not moving. I think it'll work out, in the end. Now, just gotta figure out my game group situation, as there has been a development that brings us to an impasse, scheduling-wise...well, something will work out, I'm sure.

Here I Go Again

Well, y'all be good, have a fun weekend and whatnot. Me, I'll be working most of it, and away from the computer...but first, time for me to go under the needle again. Hooray for painful art, huh?
Cry Blood (Hurt)

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Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Yeah, this hurts. Remember how I said my scarab was the most painful yet? This one has already bypassed it...and I'm just under half-way done with the outline. Now, be fair, a lot of that hardly hurt at all...but the higher it goes towards the knee, the worse it gets.

If I'm lucky, the pain meds will kick in soon and help. Gonna be a long evening.
Worship Chaos

Done For Now

OK, outline is all done. Wow, that was a tough one, got right up to the ditch, back of the knee. Opted to just do the outline today, and on his next trip, we'll do the shade/colour. As usual, though, it looks absolutely bad-ass.

See, here's the thing. I'm not a pain junkie, no way, no how. But I do believe in a certain idea of the "rite of passage," something I think is sadly lacking from modern culture (not getting into that right now, though). I get these tattoos, and they hurt like muthafuckas, and I wonder how the Hell I'm gonna get through it. Seriously, the pain is hellacious. However, I know that once it's done, the pain will stop. And I know, when the pain is finally gone, I'll have something to show for it, as well as the mental lock that says "I did that, I handled that pain, and came through it." Like a scar, the ink left behind is my reminder of what I endured, and I can always look back and know that I am that much stronger for it.

Just my way of dealing. Hey, some people juggle geese.