September 21st, 2006

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Still no word from my present client. You know, I'd like to get this done, as the extra cash, small though it may be, would be nice. *sigh*

My game group had a little hiccup lately, as a madeofmeat's work schedule changed. This wouldn't have been a big deal, as we could move the game to Friday, except that John can't do Fridays (delilahbowie just moved for school, and he'll be travelling to spend his weekends with her, understandably). Needless to say, this caused a little stress on my part, trying to figure out what to do. In the end, after talking to everyone (over four different media...welcome to the digital age), John has calmly opted to bow out of the game, no hard feelings. Thursday nights, he'll still come hang out, and we'll goof off with a board or card game, or watch movies, or maybe pick up the old Vampire game that got shoved aside. Meanwhile, the campaign goes on, Friday nights. I'm just glad it worked out easily.

Speaking of games, had a good run with the Breakfast crew last night. Very hard, very tough, and plenty of fun. Just sayin'.

After some of the oddest dreams I've had in a while (which I'm still trying to put into words, and still can't...all I can tell you is it involved Oliver Hardy running around in a 18th-century nightshirt, and odd depressed motherly lizard creature, a freaked-old woman, a museum, and scenes from a movie that has never been made of David Warner with an odd contraption on his head), I woke up way too early. As I lay there wondering if my arm (which had gone to sleep) was gonna quit tingling, and whether I'd get back to sleep, swanwhite's alarm went off. For all that I hate her office, I like her job for one reason: if she's a little late coming into the office, it's no big deal. Convinced her to stay in bed a while, which didn't exactly get an argument. You don't need the details, you horny pervs...but I will say this, it's nice to hear "my tailbone is a little sore, but it was worth every orgasm."

Considered trying to go back to sleep after she left, but knew that wasn't going to happen. Turned out to be just as well, since as I was getting dressed, chaosreality knocked on my door. Turns out that he left his keys sitting on my fireplace when he stopped by last night, and had been going nuts trying to find them.

And I'm off!
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A little outing meeting new people, fun times. Mostly for Dianna, and I think it'll be good times all around. A stop by the store on the way home, a bit of an interlude once here, and now I'm relaxing here with garlic mushrooms, which are definitely in the working definition of perfection.

Whoa golly, these damn things are good.
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Well, this is possibly one of the most useless articles and studies I've ever happened across. The article, Sex Or Sleep? Experts Weigh In, is just...just pointless. The whole things seems to be this "let's look at the pros and cons" thing, on the subject of the health benefits of going to sleep or staying up a while to get your funk on with your partner. Frankly, I don't see where the news is in this news article, but more than that, it has some of the biggest 'DUH"moments I've ever seen. Some examples:
  • "Research shows that getting enough sleep makes people feel more rested..."
  • "If your heart’s desire is carnal knowledge, know that lovemaking will...improve relationships"
  • “It depends,” one woman said. “If I was really tired, then [I'd choose] the sleep. If I need some, it would be the sex.”
All together now: DUH! What a waste of space and "reporting." I'm just SO glad we had a news service to tell us these things, 'cause, you know, there's nothing else going on in the world to talk about.
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