October 5th, 2006

Frank The Bunny (Countdown)


I should be happier right now. Just a note. No need for speculation, I'm fully aware of why and what. Just sayin'.

And no, I'm just fine. I'm not sad, per se, or depressed, or anything like that. Just should be happier. But them's the breaks, that's how the cookie crumbles, c'est la guerre, snakes on a plane, whatchagon'do, eh?

EDIT: Actually, a cookie would go over really well right now. So would a Cap'n'Coke. Both would be a riot. Hey, wish in one hand, right? Just thinking out loud.

On The Subject Of "God"

I have long been sick to death of the way that religion is allowed to run so rampant in this country. Hey, you wanna believe you have an imaginary friend that stares at you all day and night and doesn't REALLY do anything, even though you think he does, that's your damn business, and it's your right to feel that way. Knock yourself out, I'll fight anyone that tries to tell you differently. But for fuck's sakes, get something through your head: you have absolutely NO PROOF that your imaginary friend is any more or less real than anyone else's imaginary friend, and thus, you have NO basis for you being right and anyone else being wrong, including those that believe there aren't any imaginary friends. Thus, any comment or action you take that implies that another's thoughts in this matter are less than your own makes you an idiot. You are a foolish creature, worthy of ridicule, as you fight blindly for a Truth with all the substance of a reflection. I can't be any more direct than that.

Take Fred Phelps (please...sorry, couldn't resist). This jackass has made a career out of claiming he has some special connection to his imaginary friend, a hotline that rings off the hook with the angry cries of how bad it is that anyone condones the actions of two men or women in love with each other. Doesn't matter how solid or loving they are, where they are, how good to each other and everyone else they may be, what they do for the community, etc. They love each other, they are the same gender, and thus they are to blame for...well, according to him, everything. Well, almost everything; apparently, the reason those little Amish girls were shot was because of comments the governor of the state made about the Westboro group on national television several months ago. I guess God looks out for them in really strange ways...but he takes His own sweet time. And doesn't tell anyone. Never occurred to Fred and company to just, you know, not associate with anyone they didn't like, you know, live and let live. Nope, instead he wants to tell everyone how bad they are...usually people with NO FUCKING CONNECTION to what he's babbling about.

But he's an extreme example. Let's look at something that doesn't involve anyone famous. Like, say, Alton Verm. never heard of him? No surprise. He's no one, just another drone. His daughter (tenth grade) was given "Fahrenheit 451" as an English class reading assignment. She stopped after a few pages, offended at the cussing and the fact that they burned a Bible. Now, Alton and family are protesting the book, asking that it be removed from being read. Why? Well, burning the Bible, "downgrading Christians," and "talking about our firemen" are just a few of his complaints. Mainly, says Alton, "With God's name in vain being in there, that's the number one reason...There's no reason for it being read." Seems he went through the book and listed each objected item line by line, complete with individual page numbers. Apparently, though, in reading the book to get his ammo, he missed, you know, the WHOLE FUCKING POINT of the book...maybe his tenth grade teacher should have made him read it and do an essay. I'm curious as to how many times this guy has talked bad about Muslims, because with that "firemen" comment, I feel pretty damn sure he's a flag-waving patriotic soul who still sheds a tear at the drop of the term "nine-eleven." But hey, that's OK, right, because HIS imaginary friend is real and theirs isn't.

I don't care what you believe. I really don't. Be Christian, with my compliments. Be Muslim and mirthful. Practice Buddhism with my blessing. Be an awesome atheist, a wacky Wiccan, or a slick Satanist. I honestly couldn't care any less than I do now. Just try to keep a modicum of rational thought in your head...you are Homo sapiens sapiens, after all, "man who thinks he thinks;" that ability to be logical is what makes us what we are. You can have your belief and not be a dumbass. You can worship your deity of choice and still accept scientific fact. You can pray your little heart out without getting into a pissing match about your imaginary friend. USE YOUR FUCKING BRAIN. Face it, it's called "blind faith" because when you open your eyes, you can see the facts. It's referred to as "belief" because if there was any fact to it, it'd be "real." And every time one of these retards makes an ass of himself, he's a bad apple that spoils a barrel.

I'm well aware that most people who are religious are also nice people, who are not the problem. That's part of my appeal here: you, you who are religious, speak out against these people. They're your people, after all, you have a closer step to stop them than others. The fact that you do NOT set them apart from the herd makes you look like you are running with them. Take a stand for intelligence, willya? Hey, if you believe your deity gave you your wonderful brain, why not glorify him/her/it by USING IT, huh? I'm sure they'd appreciate it not being squandered and wasted.

EDIT: if this just makes you pissed off at me, tough beans. Wanna de-friend me? Go for it; but have the balls to say it in public, ass. But you (and you know who you are and you get no free advertising from me), nope, too late, you lost your chance to stand up like a man and be counted. Go off to your fucking corner and mope, you pathetic waste of oxygen.