October 10th, 2006

Burn The World

"Patriotic Duty"

With the November elections in America coming up soon, not to mention lots of political machinations in the news, I'm at that point I usually get to, the point of "shut the fuck up" in regards to it all. This is normal, of course, but there's something that I seem to have heard more than usual lately, and it's annoying enough to wanna say something about. Frankly, I think the meaning has been lost:
"It's your patriotic duty."
Now, I'm not trying to say that voting is NOT your duty as a citizen of the country, nor am I claiming that it's not a patriotic thing to do. I'm saying that the meaning of this phrase (much like the word "sick" these days) has either been lost or changed; in either case, it's not being used correctly.

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Don't confuse patriotism with blind-faith. You can support the warrior and not the war. You can think for yourself, and not let these people put you in a simple box they can define and control (or worse yet, put yourself in that box and defend it). Dammit, you have a brain, and the chance to use it. Choosing not to do so is possibly the dumbest thing you could ever do. You can be a Citizen...or you can just be a Civilian.

It's your choice. Now, do your patriotic duty...and make it.

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I don't bother taking my camera to the HPLFF anymore, because I end up with maybe two pix, you know? However, I got this one in the mail from brother_d73, of the two of us in front of this year's marquee, so that's cool...all I really need, anyway.

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