October 31st, 2006


(no subject)

I suppose I could go into everything that has happened today, but I honestly don't feel I have the strength to type it all out. Let's just say that I'm very beat; I'm considerably off-kilter; I'd like to be drunk; I'm having severe problems dealing, right now; and I'm very, very disappointed in Halloween this year.


(no subject)

In the interest of not being "that guy," I'm not going to allow myself the indulgence of a drunken, depressed post. And no, this isn't one in and of itself, because outside of mentioning it, I'm not whining about anything, misspelling words, or rambling.

So fucking there.

It does occur to me, however, that there hasn't been much substance here, of late, and I sorta apologize for that. Sorta don't, because it's my journal, but sorta do, because I'm well aware that people do read, for whatever personal reasons. I'm going to try to at least have a Friday Pix, this week, because it's been a while and I have a freaking ton of pictures. So, here's hoping.

Anyway, back to...um, whatever I was doing.