November 2nd, 2006


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So, let me bitch about my day...which is becoming a normal thing, sadly.

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Of course, in all this, up until I discovered that this was not all my fault (as the only one who was touching anything), that's exactly how it felt, and I hate not only being responsible for something fucked up, but not being able to fix it. So, my day has been one big knot of stress, and it's made sure that I didn't get anything else done. Chickens are unfed. Hell, Ray hasn't had lunch, and neither have I. I haven't separated Ray's drugs yet. I haven't cleaned up the kitchen. For that mater, I haven't cleaned up my own kitchen or front room in two weeks, because I've been beat and stressed out. I damn near killed the cat the other day...though, in all fairness, she deserved it. I'm beyond thankful that Dianna is understanding and not completely fed up with me, since I'm not only stressed out and irritable, but what little time I have has been occupied with my own attempts at relaxing, instead of keeping up the house.

Oh, and did I mention I had to deal with the Neighbour Yuppie's freaking out about something, too? Yeah, good times.

Man, my back hurts.

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Update: total for the work came to $330, and Rose had brought home $300, so I took the $40 in my pocket and just paid it off. I didn't feel like having to make this guy bill them for a measly $30. He was a damn good guy, though, friendly, helpful, and understanding. Work's done, I'm home, I'm beat and I need a shower, but the house needs to be cleaned up and dinner needs to be figured out. Maybe, if I'm REALLY lucky, I can get some CoH in tonight.

What a day.