November 24th, 2006

Jet (Cowboy Bebop)

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There are, say, today...when I just want to slap this old man upside the head and tell him to shut the fuck up. His bullshit is tiring...and I'm very tired of his overly dramatic frustration. Any little thing leads to an angry tirade, and when it's over something that doesn't matter, it's just stupid. Add to that his inability to see any other viewpoint than the one he's got in his head, and the day tends to be very long. VERY long.

Example: his shoulder bothers him. Occupational Therapy has been showing him to pull his shoulder blades back more, to take some of the strain off o them. He does so, and he can tell the difference. However, he can't hold them back and reach all the way down for one of his wheelchair brakes at the same time. Now, a normal person would reach down and then go back to position. Not Ray, no, he's got to bitch about it. "I can't hold them back and reach that at the same time, god dammit!" My response? "Then don't." Is this really an issue?

Add to this he is completely self-centered. Yesterday, we came out here for T'giving. We get close to time, and the hustle and bustle in the kitchen/dining area is huge, as you can well imagine. I'm in there, helping carry things around, set things up, etc. In fact, it's me, Rose, Crystel, and Amanda. Ray's watching TV, Di's out with him. For no discernible reason, he decides it's time for him to get to the table. This means he has to go through the kitchen, which is right where everyone is bunched up and moving. This also involves moving the garbage cans, so he has room to be wheeled by, and then means he's going to be in the way after he's set. Di tries to tell him that things aren't ready and that the area is pretty busy,but he insists on being there now. Everything grinds to a halt as we all clear the way, move shit around, and then stays slow as we have to move everything and set up around him.

This job is not good for my sanity. They should put him on Thorazine or something. I just wish he needed more professional care, so I could offload him elsewhere and go back to my previously relaxed life.