December 14th, 2006

Worship Chaos

Livin' On The Edge

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a hard time staying too mad at anyone, at least the first couple times. ;) I decided to do a little talking.

Well, let's see. I called Rose this morning, before I left, and I told her that if he talked to me like that again, I was walking. She basically agreed, saying that if he was going to be like that to everyone, that he just needed to be in a home. Anyway, she let me know he was shaved and shit and dressed and ready to go, since when I showed up, i had to load him up for therapy.

I get here, he's in the kitchen, saying he has to get on the pot, he's got to shit, he may have messed himself. I got him on, and he basically shit for 20 minutes. I got Rose to call therapy and cancel for today, and went through a much more thorough cleaning of Ray's saggy ass than I ever wanted to deal with. Yes, he'd shit himself. Badly? No, quite well.

Anyway, since we weren't going out anyway, I got him to mute the TV and talk for a few. I let him know that what he'd said had hurt a lot, that it was incredibly disrespectful, and that I wouldn't put up with that, that once more and I was gone, period. He tried to play it off, a little, but I made sure he knew what I meant, what I was talking about, and how serious I was, plus how seriously it had hurt me. He also said that it was the pain talking, and I let him know that I understood that, but that his pain did not give him a right to take out his frustration on me or anyone else. He mentioned that he didn't disrespect me, quite the opposite, that it was just that little moment, and I should just forget it. I let him know that this is why it hurt even more, and that he should understand how important this was for me, that I couldn't just forget it. That since I'd given up my life to come do this, I wasn't going to do so to be yelled at. In the end, I think he actually understood, and he apologized, in such a way that I think he meant it. Still doesn't hold much with me, but it did help a little.

So, we'll see how things go from here.

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Home again...Day went pretty smooth, actually. Maybe talking to him did some good, maybe not, hard to tell with Ray. regardless, it was good for me, and that's as far as I care right now. besides, coming home, I find b'day and Xmas cards from my Dad (which means money, cha-ching), and a nifty little box form brother_d73, which I was not expecting.

Where he found a Lament Configuration on a chain, I'll never know, but it's just about the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. if I had a ceiling fan, it would be the perfect pull; as it is, it'll definitely be hanging SOMEWHERE. Dude, this kicks ass, thank you!