January 8th, 2007

Frank The Bunny (Countdown)

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Woke up not liking life. So, what else is new? Gonna be a long week, especially Wednesday. *sigh*

My right eye refuses to focus anymore, I take it to mean that my glasses can no longer hack it. I suppose this is just one more thing I have to deal with. Hope to get new ones in a month or so. Until then, well, who cares.

Man, reading some people's introductions in an open community makes me want to firebomb whole populations. If ever I start feeling good about humanity (which is an incredibly rare thing), these types help shove my misanthropy right back into place.

Hey mazisexton! I like the new blog look, but every time I follow a comment link from the RSS here, I cannot find any way of commenting on it. Ungroovy...

On a very obscure note, understood by only four people: if it's getting too obscure/confusing/whatever, please tell me. I need to know.

Took another look into laptops, and I think I can get the one I want for less than I expected. Could knock a little more off the price if I go AMD instead of Intel for my processor, but don't actually have any clue what the difference is, other than knowing that, like Mac vs. PC, there are rabid fans on both sides. If you have some real info for me beyond "I just like this one better" please pass it along.

The laptop thing, though, may get put aside ANYWAY. There are things that need to be procured, and I can't be selfish (whether I want to or not). That's just fine, as this is pretty much the way things run for me, lately.

I'm-a stop talking now. The more I type, the more depressed I get, and I'd like to stop somewhere short of sounding emo. Oh, wait, there's not enough crappy poetry in this to be emo. I suppose that's a bonus.