February 2nd, 2007

Cerebus (Fed Up)

If It's Not One Thing...

Well, guess I'm gonna have to get on my ISP. For the last four days or so, my connection has been spotty and slow at best. Odd part is that it seems to be mostly fine during the middle of the day, but first thing in the morning and later in the evening, it's complete shit.

...and I'm sure that'll be fun. We all know what talking to Customer Service/Tech Support is like.
Frank The Bunny (Countdown)

Links...Because I Can

Well, once again, humanity rears it's ugly head to remind us all of why it should be killed off. Apparently, there's a helpline being set up for distressed Harry Potter fans. Two characters in the popular series are supposedly dying off in the seventh and, thankfully, final instalment of the popular book series...and it appears that there is enough people upset already that this kind of thing is necessary. Fucking Hell, people, if you cannot deal with a fictional character's death...especially seeing as how there isn't going to be any further book anyway...then you have deeper problems that need to be addressed.

On a good note, check out this guy's carved crayons.