February 7th, 2007


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OK, dammit, this is getting really old, really quick. My sleep has been odd for the last couple weeks, in that I wake up a lot, feeling fine, but I get tired during the day. That probably wouldn't bother me too much, but last night, constant up and down , in and outta sleep, all feeling OK...but when my alarm went off, I felt like Death warmed over.

Apparently, I should just go ahead and get up early. ;)

The Universe Bitch-Slaps Me...Again

For a long time, I haven't really had to get a job, though it would be nice. The extra cash would not be frowned upon. I kept feelers out for things. However, now that I'm doing the caregiver thing, I don't have time for a "real" job, obviously. That's probably why the Universe took THIS moment to toss this job my way.

In-game GM for Sega. Yep. Got the word today. Job duties would include: patrolling the game, interacting with users, and gleaning key issues; observation of the general server status; investigation of user complaints and warning/banning malicious users; playtesting game updates; monitoring game message boards; you get the idea. Chances are excellent I could have had the job for the asking, too.

*sigh* Paid to play online games, and be a god while I do it. Can I just hate the Universe again? I know I'm doing this a lot, lately, but this is a special case.
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