February 9th, 2007


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Day 2 on the new sleep schedule. A little tired, but not bad. I may be on to something, here.

Most weeks, I have two therapy appointments that Ray must attend. Occasionally, there'll be something else on a third day in the week (like this week). Yesterday, I found out that, after three trips this week, I get to do a fourth today. *EDIT: whining about this deleted in the interest of hating the fact that I do too much of it*

Talked to dravengodvamp last night, which was cool. Short version: life is pretty good, and I might just see him in August-ish.

Could not get any motivation to play CoH last night, dunno why. My mood last night was wavering, a lot, which probably had something to do with it. Ended up playing a lot of Bully, which I'm lovin'. Yes, it's just GTA at a prep school, and it's a little sad to see how Rockstar rips itself off (the gameplay and mechanics of it are exactly GTA, they might as well have just replaced graphics...which is what they've done since GTA3, really), but it's still fun. Surprisingly, I'm not impressed with Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Collapse )

swanwhite is probably working late tonight, again, but I dunno how late, so who knows exactly what I'm up to tonight. To quote Bogie, I never make plans that far in advance.