February 13th, 2007

Burn The World

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Hmm. Reports this morning say that negotiators on the North Korean nuclear crisis have reached an apparent breakthrough. U.S. chief negotiator Christopher Hill said all envoys had agreed on the wording of a final revised text produced by the Chinese hosts of the talks. The document was awaiting approval from six world capitals. While details have yet to be made public, the six delegates appear to have forged an accord on setting North Korea on a path toward ending its nuclear activity in exchange for roughly $400 million in fuel oil, economic aid and humanitarian assistance.

Now, just gotta get Kim Jong Il to approve. Hang in there, this could be big.

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My back hurts SO MUCH. Oh, and my shoulders. Yeah, this is just a little slice of heaven. Add to that some minor annoyances I have with the family (no one in my own house, before anyone worries), and I'm just a fuckin' ray of sunshine, huh?

Dawns on me that I've had little positive to say lately, so here goes: my wife is still the absolute bomb-diggity. Bully is a great game. I'll have every episode of "The Twilight Zone" soon. I recently started reading Thunderbolts and am liking it, and I'm still hooked on Fables. See? There is some good in my life.