February 22nd, 2007

WTF - Eyes

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So, you buy some old property, a farm. It's been empty for 15 years. As you are exploring the property, you find a large old barn with a big padlock. Well, you own it all now, right? You pry the mounting off and open the door. What's inside?

A fuckton of old cars.

Now, this is not a confirmed story. It's been making its way around message boards lately, so it could be a case of pictures with the wrong back story. Still, even if the story is false, the pictures are damn cool.

Yeah, some of them are in pretty bad states, but plenty of others are still beautiful, aside from the thick coat of dust. Can you imagine how much money you could make selling even just a few of them? The Lotus Seven, I know for a fact, is a collector's item. It's a collection that staggers my mind.
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