March 23rd, 2007

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Another Unspoken Something

In a conversation with my buddy John last night, the idea came up whether not telling the whole truth and/or leaving out important details (thus allowing others to form their own incorrect conclusions) is the same thing as lying. Me, I say it is. If you deny me facts and let me make a conclusion based on what little you do say, and you don't correct that conclusion, then you have effectively lied to me.

Funny then, as last night I get a phone call from Rose, asking me to do some photo work for her, because she can't figure out how to resize some pictures of Brandon and make them 4x6. This sounds like laziness/stress to me, but whatever, OK, I'll do it. Of course, the project ended up being a complete restart, having to rescan tiny little wallet sized pix, do damn near full restoration work on all of them, as they are grungy, fingerprinted, etc., and then get them done. Oh, and after I've started is when I find out these have to be done for the funeral/reception on Saturday...and yes, I was told about this last freakin' night.

I guess I feel like if this was so damn important, why didn't I find out earlier, have more time to work on it, make sure they were done right, etc.? I have to do them here, because I have to print them here, and I need to see how they turn out afterward. I could have been working on this yesterday, on my own machine, with a better system and more tools to get it all right, instead of what I have here. Noooooo, no such luck.

Oh, I got them done. You damn skippy, I got them done. Got them done and did some ass-kickin' work on them, if I do say so myself. Yeah, you best reco'nize. Hell, what else was I gonna do?
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...oh and now the mood swings. Well, hello darkness, my old friend, you filthy fuckin' rat-fucker, you. That on top of an unfinished and somewhat unsatisfying CoV run and no game tonight (and maybe that is just as well, with this mood).

Thanks for visiting and making my evening complete. Yeah, thanks a heap.
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