March 25th, 2007

Burn The World

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Slept late, woke up, I actually enjoyed getting out of bed today.

Wanted to share this with you, a small event from yesterday. A comedy of errors, if you will. So, Dianna and I, going out to do our normal morning errands, stopped at the bank to grab some cash. As we pull up, we see this truck:

I'm sure you have already noted that it is pulled diagonally across two parking spots, not only in front of the main doors of the bank but also in front of the ATM. Prime parking, if you will. You may also have noted that it's not even pulled in all the way, but is hanging out into the driving lane. I should point out that the normal flow of traffic in this lane is from the right side of the picture to the left, which means they pulled in here against traffic, on top of everything else. From our vantage point, we can see the driver's side door hanging open, as the "gentleman" uses the ATM...and yes, the truck was running. All this is pretty bad, however, it gets worse. When this person had finished their transaction, they went to the PASSENGER side of the truck and got in; the driver of the vehicle was still in the truck this whole time, with the door open, during this travesty of a parking job. They then pulled out and proceeded to leave the bank...yes, to the right, completely against the CLEARLY MARKED flow of traffic. The last thing I saw as they left was the California tags.

It's been a while since I've seen such a blatant act of wilful selfishness and stupidity. I get plenty of small reminders of why humanity sucks, but this one was amazing.

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*sigh* Hours of sleep and the mood still sucks. This morning's small reprieve only makes this worse. Still would love to just crawl into a dark corner for a while.