March 26th, 2007


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Hey, skeletoncrew! With all the hooplah, I forgot to mention that I got your art in the mail and it is absolutely one of the coolest things ever! Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you!

I'll get a good pic and post it once I have it in a frame and hanging up. ;)
There Is No Banana

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I always feel a little odd taking someone off of my default reading list, but not unfriending them. But, cripes, sometimes, you're just fuckin' sick of what you see, day after flippin' day.

Oh My...

So, according to various online sources, Carmen Electra and Joan Jett may have a bit of a relationship going on. Now, we all know how rumours spread and tales get told, and one little innocent thing can get quickly out of hand, so I'm not saying it's true.

I'm just saying that every wet dream or fantasy I ever had is officially obsolete; the idea of two of the sexiest ladies I've ever drooled over together...*mrowr*...I'm pretty sure it could only get hotter of Monica Belluci joined them.