April 18th, 2007



I realize that I haven't written much this week, a bunch of 'happy birthdays' and one music request. Well, here's the State of the Something.

Why so little? I've been relaxing. A lot. Maybe more than I should, but, hey, fuck it. I'm loving my life again. As stated, slightly later waking times (though not much, and that's good, too), no rush, plenty of good gaming, movie-watching, etc. It's damn good to get back to my routine.

And don't think it's all games and laziness. Oh no...took a couple hours yesterday just to clean my kitchen, top-to-bottom. Yes, being home all the time again, it's just that much MORE painfully obvious that I've let the place go, and thus, 'tis time to get back on track. My kitchen is so clean now, you could eat off it. ;)

It's nice to get back to cooking dinner properly, too, even when it's improvised. Took the last of my chicken yesterday, chopped it, spiced it, stir-fried it, and tossed it in some rice with salsa, sour cream, and cheese. Quick-and-dirty burrito stuffing. Tasted fab.

Just such a good feeling to have time to do...whatever. Over the next week, my house will get clean again, a few small projects will be completed,and maybe I'll start painting figures again, who knows. Hell, I might even want guests again. ;)
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Let me just state for the record that my ability to spell is actually very good. It's just my typing that is a heaping helping of crapola. I cannot type worth a damn, and I probably never will. I live with this quite nicely, thanks. So, when we're chatting online, in whatever capacity, my apologies for the apparent spelling errors.
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