April 19th, 2007


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Looking over some old stuff I downloaded, I'm re-watching the first season of Masters of Horror, and it occurs to me that I'm missing episode 13, "Imprint" (directed by Takashi Mike). If any of you out there have a copy of this (or, for that matter, season 2 at all), hit me up, will ya? Be glad to arrange a trade of some sort.
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Paizo Publishing to Cease Publication of DRAGON and DUNGEON

Yes, a sad day for old school gamers everywhere. Dragon Magazine is finally coming to an end. The final issues will be DRAGON #359 and DUNGEON #150. *sigh* I'm not surprised, but I'm still saddened. Many was the time I got useful information or cool resources out of them (and still have the photocopied articles!). Long nights of geekery, debating pros and cons of classes and manoeuvres, more than a few times backed up with "hold on, I have the issue somewhere that addresses this." Lots and lots of simply badass cover images. Icons, they were, in the truest sense.

Sleep well, Great Dragon, in your deep and limitless Dungeon. Many is the adventurer who plundered your treasure hoard, and yet you always had more than we could ever dream of taking. You will be remembered forever.