April 27th, 2007

Tiki Island

Good Deed For The Day

So, as it is chaosreality's day off, we were sitting around his living room this morning, just shooting the breeze. As it got later, he asked what I was doing for lunch, and I mentioned that I might heat up some cheap sausages I had around and add some sauerkraut. Turns out, he has had a craving for that, and offered to pick up lunch if I'd join him at Widmer's.

Well, I'm no fool; I don't turn down free lunch. Off we went to pick up his check, and then down into Portland for burgers and beer. Gotta say, damn nice burgers, had the aforementioned sausage and sauerkraut for appetizer, and washed it down with the best beer I've ever had. Now, keep in mind, I'm not a beer guy. Most of it tastes pretty disgusting to me, but I had a glass of their W '07 Seasonal Pale Ale, which was excellent (hint of orange, it was excellent) and a Belgian wheat beer that had the smoothest and cleanest finish I could ever imagine in a beer. Good times.

As we left, we passed a Chevy blazer with a tire down to the gravel. A young guy was sweating over the compact jack, trying to get the truck up, as a pregnant girl was standing around and a little girl was inside the truck. Well, Aaron and I are Southern Boys to the core, and we couldn't just walk away. We stopped and offered a hand, and ended up pretty much taking over the procedure. Christ, I think those lug nuts last came off that truck in the late 80's, very tough to get off...as in Aaron managed to slightly bend the tire iron trying to loosen them. Eventually, though, all came through fine, and we left him tightening the last nuts (some jackasses had let the air out of the tire, thankfully it wasn't slashed).

Now, off to do a little photo manip work for swanwhite before the game tonight!
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