April 28th, 2007



Well, after, oh, ten years or so of saying I was gonna do it, I've finally done it. I just got back form getting my nipples pierced.

Ow. But hey, I'm dead sexy.

Art That Kicks My Ass

You've heard me talk about playing City of Heroes and City of Villains. One of the villains I play is a Stalker, a character type that specializes in stealth and hidden strikes, an assassin, if you will. His name is Ghost Shrimp (that's him, in the icon), and yes, he is actually a mutated crustacean (he's part of a large team of LJ-based players who all have oceanic/fishy themed villains, called the "Rage of Aquarius"). Because I recently won a group contest, my prize was to have artwork done of my character, by the amazingly talented syrusb (Liz, to the rest of us). I just received the finished work today, and it was even cooler than I ever expected.

Wanna see?
Red Bunny

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Well, once the initial bit of swelling went down, it was painfully obvious that the right one was way off-center. I'm not so much upset as I am annoyed. I know damn well that this would drive me bugshit, so I have removed it. Once it heals completely, I'll have that side redone (I know the piercer personally, and I won't get charged for this).

Of course, this means my mind is mostly saying "damn, I have to go through this AGAIN?!?"