May 3rd, 2007

Eye Heart The Residents

Good Morning, Vietnam!

You know, any day that starts out by discovering I made someone laugh enough to snarf coffee...well, it's a good day.

Not a helluva lot to report, lately, been slow. Piercing is healing quite nicely, and the other should be redone Saturday, so, that's a plus.

Oh, also, question: a few of you might have noticed that there have been no Friday Pix posts since the beginning of the year, and now that I'm not at the farm, a couple people have been curious as to whether or not I'd be bringing it back. Now, this is not some kind of plea for attention or anything, but one reason I quit doing them was feeling like the "shine had worn off" and people didn't care as much anymore. I'm perfectly fine with that, if it's true, nothing lasts forever, and it was fun while it lasted. However, if more people want a triumphant return to the Friday Pix, feel free to say so.

OK, love to stay and chat, but I have a sexy English accent ringing in my ears, a house that needs a little cleaning, and a game that's calling my name.


You know, when everything computer related started being named "eWhatever", it bugged me. It got old, really old, really fast. And then, of course, there's "iWhatever</i>", which seems to be Apple's way of saying "aren't we hip?" I'm completely fucking tired of it. I'd have never thought that Google, portal-giant that they are, would stoop to this convention.

Sadly, I now see that the "Google Personalized Homepage", which is pretty damn spiffy and which I enjoy being able to use, is now iGoogle. *sigh*

Why? Well, they say that they kicked the name around early on in the development, but that it was shot down. Why it was resurrected, I have no idea, though one quote somewhere said something to the effect of "there is no 'i' in team, so we made sure there was one in Google" or something to that effect. That's gotta be one of the dumbest things I've heard in a while.

Sadly? The average human will probably eat that shit up with a spoon and ask for seconds.
Eye Heart The Residents

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Another successful Statesman's Task Force (it's a CoH thing, you wouldn't understand). Fave quotes of the night were "Yeah, suck it, Chumley!" and "Let's go, big man!...*ow* Ah, I see you went."

For your viewing pleasure: Pulp Muppets

And now, it's beddy-bye time. Well, time to get in bed. Sleep comes much later. ;)