May 21st, 2007


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So, Comcast is supposed to be back out today, and they've decided that they want to replace my modem/router and see if that clears up the problem. This bugs me, and it bugs me a lot, because from talking to the guy on the phone a few minutes ago, it sounds like he either has forgotten half of what he had decided last time, or was told by the company he couldn't do it. Either way, I feel like I'm being blown off...however, I'm gonna go along with it. I figure either they'll see that this is not the problem, and I can flip this out of the equation, or it WILL fix it, and I'll apologize. I really don't think it is, but hey, I could be wrong.

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Well, Colonel Comcast came early, which is just as well. Replaced my modem/router, and everything is back up and running (obviously). Now, we wait and see. Give it a few days, see if the problem continues to manifest or if this solves it. If it DOES fix things, then I either have to buy a new modem/router of my own (hmm, don't have that kinda cash laying around), or I have to keep the one they just installed ($150, hmm, don't have that kinda cash laying around, but at least it's just on my bill so I might be able to stretch it out). If it DOESN'T fix things...then no one really knows what to do (but at least it'll confirm that the problem is on their line, not my equipment). Wait and see, wait and see...

You know, I should stop calling this guy "Captain Comcast" or other derivatives. He's actually a pretty cool guy and a fellow geek (we spent a good chunk of my first tech visit talking about Transformers and comic books).

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Well...bupkis. Still getting the lags/drops/whatever you wanna call them. On the upside, this proves it's not my modem, and thus, I don't have to deal with the cash end of replacing it. On the down side, as Jake said (my tech), now we dunno WHAT the problem is. Anyway, I'll be calling him and letting him know what's up, and they'll continue to "work" on the issue.

*sigh* Sweet and sour, all in one. Life's like that, I guess.
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New Game Write-Up

I know at least a few of you read along with my "play-by-play" of the Kult game I ran, a couple years ago, when I posted it in my old DeadJournal. With this new AD&D game, I decided to do it again, so, for anyone who gives a crap, you can find it over at [info]urbanhunter...or bop straight to the beginning of the new transcripts. New campaign starts here.

NOTE: this is not connected and not to be confused with the LJ of the same name. And I made mine first, so there.
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