June 13th, 2007


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Some of you may have heard that Apple released a version of it's "Safari" browser for Windows. Apple was proud and even a little smug about how secure it was. However, it took less than two hours after it's release for engineers to shoot it to shit.

Apple Has A Worm (figuratively)
Errata Security engineer David Maynor had a report posted on the first vulnerability he found by 1:48 pm, complete with screenshots of the pre-crash letdown dialog. As he admitted, it wasn't a difficult crash to find, posting a screen shot of the memory dump revealing both a stack corruption and an access violation.
The problem seems to be that engineers obviously designed Safari to take advantage of security protocols in the OS X operating system, as evidenced by function calls to those protocols located inside the source code for the Windows version - calls which would obviously go unfulfilled. Kind of a stupid move, if you ask me.

It's easy to talk about what a great swimmer you are in a calm pool. You go jump in the ocean, you better know what you are doing. In the mean time, you should be using Firefox, anyway. Still the best on the block.
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*AGF - Obama-Clinton 2008

OK, this pic isn't anywhere CLOSE to safe-for-work. Just saying that, right off the bat. Nor is this a statement about either of these candidates (see? I told you I pick on all sides.) I just ran across this today and it made me laugh. Probably because I'm a sick bastard, but I openly admit that.

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I think it's her expression that clinches it.
The Mask (Laughing)

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Doctor wanders into the break room, looking annoyed. Nurse looks up from her coffee and says "What's the matter?" Doctor pulls a rectal thermometer out of his shirt pocket, lays it on the table, and says "Some asshole has my pen."
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What's The Big Deal?

As times change, standards change. We all know this. Now, we are at a point where even in America, where freedom and expression is somehow mixed with an odd Puritanical prudery, a woman can be topless on TV, provided she has her hands over her nipples. You know the stance I mean.

Now...really, what is this hiding? The breasts are quite obvious at that point, so are we trying to say that the nipples are too much? And, again, which is more prurient, a woman whose breasts are visible, or a woman who is feeling herself up? ;)

It will be a fine, fine day when America gets over it's infantile obsession with nudity and accepts that skin and body parts are simply what they are. Any sexual connotation you have with them is YOURS. I'm not saying that I can't look at a great rack and think "yowza" because, let's face it, I do. However, this doesn't make me bad, nor does it increase the chances of my committing some crime or "sin" (hate to use that term, but you follow).

The more you make something taboo, the MORE likely it will be pursued and focused upon. This really isn't that hard to understand. Many countries have shown that getting over this kind of thing DOES make a difference. Still, as long as the US is obsessed with killing everything in sight, it's a moot point...but an important one.

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Connection acting up. Feeling tired, and really would like to not sleep...doing too much of that lately. Think I'll take my book and walk down to the lake.
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first chance i've had to write. everything's crazy. dunno how long I can hold out. I'm holed up in the attic space of my place. upside: easy and quick access to power, water; far enough off the ground that small sounds don't attract attention; only one way in, easily blocked/defended. downside: only one entrance.

we're close enough to stores, so scavenging food isn't an issue yet. still gotta be careful. never know when one of the bastards will come around a corner or be waiting in a shadow.

was downtown when the news broke. saw the first ones shortly afterwards, walking up the street, crowds running and screaming in front of them. funny, so slow moving and yet, they still get ya. Stayed calm, guess i've seen too many horror movies. knew i had to stock up, hit the store. chaos and pandemonium, which helped, since no one was paying for anything. Just grab what you need, shove people out of your way and go. took a moment to laugh at people, grabbing steaks and chicken. stuff will go bad, soon enough, then they're fucked. grabbed a shitload of canned soup, cereal, cookies, and kool-aid.

started for home, and the greed hit me. shouldn't have, but it did. fuckin' wal-mart was a warzone. some guy pulled pistols on me, dunno why. knocked him out with a pipe I'd been holding, took his guns, plus a few more in his giant fucking SUV. almost left then, but had the idea that i'd always wanted a laptop. grabbed one and ran.

odd, but the hardware store was pretty quiet. ran into a couple of the things back by the paint isle. left the guns in the car, but turns out their heads squish pretty good when whapped with a 2x4. grabbed a shitload of lumber and stuff and headed for the house.

unplugged everything, boarded it all up. reinforced the doors and windows. ran extensions up to the crawlspace, took in a lamp, radio, the food and guns, some rope, the laptop. i can just see out the vents. luckily, this isn't a packed neighbourhood. not many people around. not many of those things around, either.

phone's still working, dunno for how long. thank you, automatic systems. cable's still up and running, too, hence the blog. sometimes, there's a scratching sound outside, no real voices, though. if i don't hear my name called, i'm not moving, not for a while yet.

funny, now that it's happening, i find it hard to actually say "zombie." seems so obvious. guess i'll see if i learned anything from all those horror movies.