June 19th, 2007

Do Us A Favor...


When we moved in, it wasn't long before we met the lady next door. Lorraine seemed nice enough, I had no problems with her. Her kids were a little annoying, but mostly because they were grown and still living there, one with a tiny baby; your average ne'er-do-wells. Her man...whether boy-friend, ex-hubby, I'm not 100% certain...was a bit of a problem, though.

He'd show up in whatever POS he was driving at the time, the thing usually either leaking something or belching something, and only half the time driving well or at all. He'd never park straight (and parking is pretty tight, here). On top of all this, he was ALWAYS banging around the house. I mean, you'd hear sounds like he was either rebuilding the house or tearing it down, and it would go on and on and on. I asked, once, if everything was OK, and Lorraine just said he was "building something." I was not complaining when I found out he'd gone off to do 6 months or something with the state for meth possession.

So, just recently, we discovered that the owner of her unit was selling it, and she'd have to move. No complaints there. Of course, this meant two weeks or so of his latest hunk-o'-junk truck in front. This one, damn, bad alternator or something, it was ALWAYS hooked up to a battery charger, the power line running into their house. He'd get out there to start it, and it would be 20 minutes of cranking with no luck, on and on...and this would sometimes be 1 or 2 in the morning. Eventually, we saw them start moving shit out to the truck, and drive off...100 yds away to the storage facility next door. Why they didn't just WALK the stuff there, I dunno.

The banging began again. Worse than ever.

Finally, we were ready to snap. Come to find out, though, they were gone, and the banging next door was the owners, tearing out everything this guy had built. No clue what it all was, but they left the place a shithole: all kinds of stuff left behind, and all this whatnot he'd done in the house. I kinda feel bad for them, but I no longer mind the banging, because I know it will stop, and it's not their fault. Been seeing them load up a U-Haul and their own truck with load after load of crap.

It's people like that who make renting a pain in the ass. Like it's so hard to clean a place when you leave. Fuckin' idiots.
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