July 10th, 2007

Burn The World

More Stupid People

- With all the iPhone hype lately, you just KNEW there were people out there doing the dumbest things you could imagine. Here, we have a classic example of The Wild American Dumbass. (2nd story down) Seems Chase wants an iPhone (his Razr just isn't cool enough anymore, even after he spray-painted it tan...). With iPhones selling at $600, he decided to sell his 2003 Ford Explorer, hoping to get $8k out of it. He figures this will be enough for the phone and a moped. Poor Chase, his bank is holding the check (from selling the vehicle) until the 13th...wouldn't it just be hilarious if they sold out by the time it clears? 'Cause you know that's what'll happen; people have been camping out for days to get one. yeah, I don't get it either. People have too much free fuckin' time. On top of all this, seems like he's going to lose more cool points for the moped than he'll gain for the iPhone.

- Now, this is just funny. 63 years ago, the NAACP held a mock funeral for "Jim Crow" (for those of you who miss the reference, Jim Crow laws were laws enacted that mandated "separate but equal" status, yet another fine example of stupidity). This summer, they plan to have a funeral for the word 'nigger'. You know, it's not that I think the slur should be kept alive. I merely think it's funny that they're going to "bury" it, while black rappers use it about, oh, every fifth word. NAACP seems to be committed to getting EVERYONE to stop, but I think they are working on the wrong groups. Most people don't even think of saying it anymore, but the more often it's bandied about in popular music, the more it's kept alive. On a side note, with all the PC that's run rampant in this country for the last 15 years or so, why has any racially-oriented group managed to stay in business this way? And isn't it just slightly amusing that the name of the group is something that I'd get yelled at for referring to their members as? Maybe it's just me.
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It's 9:30 in the morning, and it's 73 degrees out. Dammit, I live this far north for a reason, and this ain't it.

What's worse is I volunteered to go drop books off at the library today, knowing I have to take the bus. In this heat. Which is supposed to hit a hundred.


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Fuck the heat. much thanks to polarbear who gave me a ride to the library and turned what would have been an hour-and-a-half bus ride (minimum) into a quick down the road and back trip.

And my shadowy, no-sun-in-the-house dwelling feels goooooood afterwards.