July 14th, 2007


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Well, credit to the utilities guys. After saying we probably wouldn't have the water back on until 3am, it was back and working by 11:15pm, which was a nice surprise. So, back to business as usual.

This is a pretty interesting article on why terrorism doesn't work (the larger work linked inside is good as well, but make sure you have some time, if you're going to read it). If only more people would understand this, maybe we could get somewhere, instead of angrily knee-jerking as a response and making the whole situation worse. Take a few minutes, get your head around this.
Artist At Work

Creativity Wasteland

Sadly, my creativity, for a while now, has been limited to CoH characters. I haven't even fired up Photoshop in forever for anything more than a bit of colour correction. I don't seem to write anymore. Even the storylines I used to write for my RPG gaming have been quashed. Sucks, really, as I used to feel at least somewhat creative, and now I...well, don't.

So, with this in mind, I've had something hanging over me like the frickin' Sword of Damocles. A fiction contest, specifically. The rules were pretty open, which should have made it easier, but, I dunno, I just wasn't feeling it. Problem was, I wanted to participate, and I'd told the proctor I'd do something. Submissions are due by 9pm tonight (after a month of being open), and as of 2pm, I'd still written nothing. I was, however, doing an excellent job of ignoring the problem. I just couldn't get started, that elusive spark was still not sparking my sparks. Somewhere around 3-ish, it hit me.
Bob was bored.
That little phrase, three tiny words loaded with possibilities...that was all it took. I was off and hammering at the keys like a monkey on amphetamines. A little over an hour later, I'd knocked out about 1300 words full of action, humour, and used 12 of the 15 required items (rules stated at least 10).

Man, that felt pretty good.
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