July 17th, 2007


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Well, no headache this morning, but then, it did rain last night, making the air more humid, which probably helped. Couldn't seem to stay asleep, kept waking up every couple hours.

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Oh, and did I mention it's still raining? Rained last night, raining now, supposed to rain all damn day. Frank's a happy, happy guy, lemme tell ya. My mood is up like...what's that the kids all say? Up like WHOA.
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So, after a bit of morning CoH time, I decided that, with the weather so cool and overcast, I'd get some walking in. I really need to start exercising more, I can feel the weight creeping back on, so, dammit, time to get my fat ass outta the chair. Figured I could go down to the lake and walk a bit, and ended up getting in about a mile and a half. Good start, I'll up that as I walk more.

Now, last Friday, I mentioned that a water main had broken. They got it fixed, but I've noticed that the road has still been partially blocked off. Since I was walking that way, I hoped I'd see why it was still closed.

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chaosreality has said, many times, that the issues with our cable connection really started when they did the road the first time; must have hit something. I'm wondering if this recent thing has anything to do with my connection woes. I've noticed that they get worse as it gets hotter, and if there was trapped water down there, the heat would make it expand, which could mean pressure/noise on underground lines...hmmm...anyway, hopefully this will either fix that problem, or at least exacerbate it to the point that something gets done about it.

Postscript to this: I got home from walking, grabbed my camera, and went back out to take these pix. As I went back out, I saw a woman, sitting outside her place, on the sidewalk. Her knees were up, her head resting on her hands, and frankly, she looked like she was or had been crying. I tried to get a better look at her as I came back in, and when I got to my door, I stopped. I wanted to go back, see if she was OK. I debated it back and forth in my head, knowing that there was about 99.9% chance I couldn't do a damn thing to help her, and I didn't want to embarrass her...I must have stood there, 3, maybe 4 minutes. Finally, I couldn't take it, I had to ask. I walked back, and, as gently and carefully as I could, excused myself and asked if she was OK.

Turns out, she has a very small cellphone, which was in the palm of her hand, all of this covered by her hair. She was fine, just on the phone. Oops. Still, glad I went back and asked. It would have bugged me, otherwise.

Guess I'm not as cynical as I thought. ;)
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I'd like to take a moment to recognize someone who earned my respect today. MSNBC journalist Mika Brzezinski refused to do the "Paris Hilton is out of jail" bit as the lead story on her newscast, saying, "I just don't believe in covering a story like that, especially not as the lead story in a news cast when you have a day like today." And we're nto talkin' half-steppin', here. She refused, then tried to burn it, and when the lighter was taken away, she tore it up and crumpled it. When producers reinserted the story in her stack of news items, she took the pages and shredded them. Fuck YES.

Later on, she did a little interview of her own, after the video went around the 'Net like wildfire...

Good on ya, Ms. Brzezinski. About damn time someone stood up.
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You know, with those pix I posted earlier, I mentioned the road being closed. Looking at them, it's pretty obvious WHY it's closed. And yet, I've seen no less than three vehicles go around the signs (and they have to climb curbs to do it!) and drive on it anyway (and no telling how many I haven't seen!).

Fuck karma, I hope I hear the crunch of collapsing asphalt and the grinding of shorn metal and torn gears as one of them falls through. I'll be the first to run out there and help, and then happily call emergency services to tell them that I'm here with "some jackass who thinks 'Road Closed' signs don't apply to him."

And yes, I've gone and shifted the barriers to make it a little harder to get in there. Not that it'll stop the SUV driving fucktards.