August 12th, 2007


R.I.P. Merv Griffin

Merv Griffin, who went from big-band era crooner to fabulously successful TV talk show host before making a fortune as the creator of two of television's most popular game shows and then parleying that into a billion-dollar hotel empire, died today. He was 82, and passed away from a recurrence of prostate cancer, which had been treated successfully more than 10 years ago.

Man, talk about a TV icon. You can keep your "American Idol" and "Jackass" and whatever reality TV crap you watch, Merv was a legend.

The King Is Dead, Long Live The King

This week (Thursday, specifically) marks the 30th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley...and yet, even now, Presley has topped the list of top-earning dead celebrities time and time again (only being knocked out of this year's top slot by a large, one-time sale of a chunk of Kurt Cobain's catalogue).

Much like The Beatles and other iconic "name" brands, Presley's brand is huge. This article in the Washington Post describes some of what's been done, and things to come. Me, I got a kick out of parts of it, from my days at Graceland: the expansion of the grounds, memories of the house, seeing Jack Soden's name (CEO of Elvis Presley Enterprises, who I frequently passed friendly words with), the mention of Heartbreak Hotel, which I watched being designed and built (and even tossed a few small ideas at the designers), etc. Still, for all the hooplah and all the crap done in the King's name since his death, for me, he'll always be that rich voice and that easy smile.

I think I'll watch the '68 Comeback Special today.
Eye Heart The Residents


A nifty short flick based on Blake's poem, blending puppetry, illustration, photography and CGI. Four and a half minutes, well worth watching.

Rock - Devil

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...and to complete the weekend of baddassery, Di made a huge batch of chocolate chip/peanut butter chip cookies. meanwhile, she, I, and Erik got some gauntlet in, and I introduced him to GWAR. Heh. ;)

Now, time for me to go make my ass-kickin' burgers.
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