August 26th, 2007

What're you talking about?

Another Name On The List

Sometimes, you run across something that just makes you sick. This is one of those times.

This article, from the LA Times, describes "glamping" (glamorous camping). Apparently, for the uber-rich with nothing better to do, there are companies that will rent you out...for $600 a night...a camp area complete with butler, maid, and chef (this doesn't count the $100+/person/day for food), all so you can your overdone lifestyle can go camping without having to give up your home comforts.


What really took the cake was the descriptions of the family used as an example. Their plans started with the 6-year-old wanting to go fishing in Montana (they live n Boston, so how he got this idea, I dunno). Once out there, the kid eventually decided he didn't want the butler making the s'mores. I started to brighten up at this, until it went on to say that he wanted to make them himself...and then sell them to everyone else at $10 a piece. Later on, he and some other kid set up logs to make a fort...and put up a sign charging $5 just to enter. just what is this kid learning? He's learning to be another high-powered, money-obsessed asshole, sounds like.

Camping? My ass.