August 29th, 2007

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So Much For Ads

So, you may recall when I mentioned that I was a little miffed about the whole "sponsored v-gifts" thing being nothing but ads, and, as a permanent user who is supposed to not have to see ads, I was annoyed. I and many others opted to send as many as possible to barakb25, and many others sent a bunch to the news community as well. Pretty soon, the v-gifts in question disappeared from the v-gift page, but still, no word from anyone.

It seems our actions were noticed.

After the recent news post, there is now an option on the Viewing options page, last one at the bottom, that allows you to disable the receipt of sponsored gifts.

Thanks, 6A. We only had to turn on you to get some action, but thanks for getting the hint.
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Hmm. So, just saw the trailer for Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem. Yeah. Looks like about what I expect: an absolute fuckton of effects, a story as thin as tissue, characters that I don't for a second buy into, a complete lack of fidelity to the canon of either race, as many hot chicks as they could stuff into tight tank tops and get wet, and plenty of gore. That last part's not so bad, true.

Another film on Hollywood's path of proving that it just doesn't give a shit anymore...because it doesn't have to.

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Better post while my connection is still up...

So, plan is this: tomorrow, between 2 and 4, someone from Comcast is supposed to come out and "check the line" for problems. Di made sure and told them all that has come before, exactly how annoyed we are, etc. Also told them in no uncertain terms that if they send someone out to fuck around with the computers instead of their own damn hardware, they can kiss it good bye...and I will take great pride in telling him to get back in his truck and drive away.

No fucking more. My afternoon connection varies more and more each day, dropping in and out of sync. Even just sitting here, clicking pic links in a web folder...or even sitting here watching the ping test but doing nothing, it's up and down and up and down, much like a roller coaster. Makes me sick like one, too.

So, they'll come out, and we'll see. If they actually find the problem and fix it (and my, what a big IF that is!), then I'll stay with them, maybe. However, we have an appointment to have DSL service in here on the 5th, so that is ready to rock...if Comcast gets things right, then we'll cancel it, otherwise it's adios Comcast.

Only down side is that I may end up without a 'net connection for a few days. For most of you, that's no big deal. For me, that's like being locked in a box. ;) No matter, it'll be worth it.