August 30th, 2007


We'll See

OK, so, Comcast just showed up. One of the techs that has been here before, and another with him. You could tell he did not want to be here, he knows the situation. I was pretty straight up with him, too, told him I was bent out of shape, and that this was a last chance for them. Showed them the ping tests, told them the issues, etc. So, they poked about. Ran their own ping tests, their diagnostics. All of it bore out exactly what I said. Out to the box they went. After 20 minutes or so, they finally returned. Bracing myself, I waited to see what they had to say.

Lo and behold, they found a problem. Go tell it on the fucking mountain, Mother pin a rose on me, praise the lord and pass the ammunition.

Apparently, the amplifier in the box outside was going bad. They tested a thousand pings on the upstream side, no loss...a thousand on the downstream side, fifteen-fucking-percent loss. And where am I connected? Downstream side of the thing. Take that, fuckers. So, they switch me to the upstream side, tell maintenance to come out to deal with that amplifier, etc., and check me again. Would you believe it, oh my brothers? Clean and smooth, so far. Of course, the real test is for me to play CoH in the afternoon, see if I have lag outs, etc. Not that I'll complain about that. ;)

And would you believe, my speed is better than it ever was? Oh yes. Right, they earned this last chance. If it stays good, I stay a customer. If it fails? They get one last call from me, saying "screw you all."

(no subject)

Well, over about 7 hours of running the ping test tonight, where I've been averaging five to six percent packet loss, I lost one. Not 1%...1 single packet lost to the aether.

7 hours. One loss. I'm astounded. Dear Eris, this might actually work.