September 18th, 2007

Worship Chaos

Police Force

Someone asked me, very recently, if I trusted the police. For the most part, yes. That's not to say I think they are in the right all the time. I just don't let bad incidents spoil me to the whole group. Most cops are just hard workin' people, trying their best to keep us safe, etc.

Maybe you've heard about this incident from yesterday, maybe you haven't. If not, let's recap.

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In the end, you CAN do something about can be responsible for what you do. You can be aware of things around you, and how your actions will not only affect your environment, but how they will be perceived and acted on. If you are going to act with passion, you should not be surprised when the response to your actions is equally passionate.

Were the cops wrong? They did warn the kid that they'd taser him if he didn't relax. It's not as if he didn't know it was coming or understand what they meant. Their job is to enforce the laws and keep the peace, which Meyer was clearly breaking. From other views of the incident, they did not start out with force. Again, the way this kid presented himself made the difference. He could have asked the question calmly and gotten a response, but chose, instead, to use the mic as a way to yell his opinions.

As expected, the forum/blogosphere is blowing up. Lots and lots of screamed and angry opinions on both sides, both ones that are connected and ones that are not. Ultra-conservatives proclaiming that this guy was wrong, ultra-liberals proclaiming the cops were wrong. Lots of comments about the "new police state of America" and related ideas. And, of course, plenty of tough guys saying how, if they'd been there, they'd have jumped up to help the guy fight off the cops...because, you know, that would have helped everything.

Just an ugly thing, all around, and one that will only make things worse. Why? Because one boy couldn't calm down.
WTF - Eyes

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OK, I keep an eye on BME's ModBlog. Why? Well, sometimes they show some really cool tattoos. Most of the time, though, I find myself thinking "what the fuck is wrong with you?" at the posts. Somehow, though, I keep looking. Bad case of TWS[1], I guess. This, though, is the last straw. Yes, I quit. Funny, genital modification, severe damage, none of that drove me away, and this did. Go figure. Maybe it's just "the straw that broke the camel's back."

Hey, I'm tattooed, and I'll have more as I can get them. I'm pierced, though I'm done with it. I support anyone's right to do what they choose with their own body. This does not mean I have no opinion, just that I figure it's your body, do what you like...and in this case, my opinion is that this person is a complete moron.

I support her RIGHT to be a moron...just as I take advantage of my own right to look elsewhere.

[1]Train Wreck Syndrome, that tendency to keep looking, even though you know it's bad.
Bad Guy (Tough Words)

No, Taser Him Again

By the way, a new level to the Florida Student Taser story. Seems our little shock-happy student is quite happily and openly a bit of a prankster. More than a bit,really. Here and here are his sites, which don't make him look much like a victim, more like someone who does this a lot, and finally got in over his head.

Way to go, jackass. The reason police react like they do is due to the actions of people like you. Karma's a bit of a bitch.