September 20th, 2007

Veritas / Aequitas

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Woke up when Dianna got up, but opted not to get out of bed quite yet. Zoned back out, woke up again to hear her car starting up and leaving. Thought to myself that it was awful comfy here, and I'd just lay here a little while hour and a half later, I wake back up. Still feeling kinda out-of-sorts.

My soda is flat for no discernible reason. Ah well, it's the last in the 2-liter, I can deal with that.

Machine fired up this morning to tell me it couldn't actually get going, due to a corrupt file in the OS. Rebooted, and it's fine. Frankly, I'm incredibly impressed with myself for not hitting the Panic Wall like I usually do with computer issues. Maybe this is because I'm not altogether with it, I dunno. Still curious as to why it did that, and how it just "fixed itself" but I'm not complaining. Still thinking on a new machine, come tax money time, we'll see.

Good morning, all.


Yesterday's mid-day flick was The Spy Who Loved Me (I'm a James Bond nut, what can I say). I now have Carly Simon's "Nobody Does It Better" stuck in my head, and cannot find the MP3 anywhere. Anyone out there in TV-land who can help a brother out?