September 23rd, 2007


Just Get It Over With

This has not been the happiest of Sundays. Oh, it started nice, very nice indeed. But I don't feel good right now, partly from physical issues, partly from eating way too much at lunch, and partly from stress. Lunch, that's my own damn fault, I take responsibility for that.

Stress, man, stupid things piling up. Some small things, but mainly two larger ones. One, I snapped a little and hollered at Erik, earlier. I was talking to him about something that needed to happen, and he just dropped to the floor and started going through his bookbag while I was speaking, obviously not paying attention. He has focus problems as it is, but this was just too much, I got really pissed off, told him it was incredibly fucking rude and inconsiderate to do so, and that now I was really angry and that he might as well go about his business, because I wasn't talking to him anymore. Really laid it on. I probably shouldn't have, but dammit, everyone just lets him go willy-nilly about his way, not paying attention to stuff, and it drives me nuts. Someone has to make him focus. Hated doing it, but I was seriously angry. He's already so spacey 90% of the time, it makes me crazy.

The other thing is, no surprise, computer issues again. Collapse )

So, yeah, I don't feel good. My shoulder's been acting up again, and I'm tired. Gotta go finish laundry, and have to do some grocery shopping, neither of which fills me with any desire to do it.