September 24th, 2007


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So, it occurs to me that apart from two or three people, I really do NOT talk on the phone. Mostly this is because I'm not a chit-chat type of guy, unless I'm face-to-face with the person to whom I'm speaking. I love my phone and all the nifty things it does, but I just don't really use it enough to justify paying for two cell phones (mine and Dianna's). So, I'm thinking, when the present contract is up, I'm probably going to give up my phone entirely. Di will still have hers, of course, but I think I'm-a look into just getting a really good headset and hooking up Skype or something. Hey, anywhere I can save a few bucks, you know?

Just an embryonic idea at this point, but one that is starting to look good. Anyone use Skype more than occasionally? Got an opinion on this?
The Mask (Laughing)

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Oh, have to mention; went out to walk a little this morning, and since it was chilly, I strapped into my boots and pulled out the infamous leather jacket. Baby, I'm back...I haven't felt that good in months.

Apparently, part of my soul is bound up in that jacket.

Positive Moment Of The Day

Today, I got a 80-ish year old man to rock out to this mash-up of Rob Base and INXS. He and his wife saw me nodding along to it as I was walking, and asked me what I was listening to, and the easiest way was just to let him hear it. He thought it was "really neat." Also, as I was wearing a sleeveless shirt, his wife saw the nipple ring, and pointed it out to him, which creeped him out...and made her laugh a LOT.

A good little moment.
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