September 25th, 2007


CoH Art

Another big THANK YOU goes out to my brother cobie for the simply badass portrait he did of another of my City of Heroes characters, 'Tao and Zen'...

Click for full size

A member of "The Galaxy City Regulars" (a small supergroup based out of one of Paragon City's larger districts), T&Z is an enigmatic sort. He heals wounds on his team-mates with ease, and brings down enemies with blasts of pure radiation, yet no one is sure how. He uses no technological devices or magical spells, and has never been the subject of either scientific experiment or mutation. He says he understands the oneness of all things and the essential need for a balance of opposites, and is simply in tune with his body and the world around him, thus mastering the manipulation of matter particles in his area. Whatever it is, he's good at it, though his philosophy and his tendency to never get agitated (in victory or defeat) proves a bit unsettling.

I'm Big With The Kids

So, there was a knock at the door. Dianna gets up to answer, and outside is one of the neighbourhood kids. I don't know this one's name, but he's one of the few that seems to actually be pretty smart. This is the same one that stepped up to my back gate several weeks ago and looked in the back door where John and I were playing Space Hulk, asked what we were playing, then asked if he could play. When I said no, he was very cool, and asked if he could watch. I didn't mind, but told him he should check with his Mom.

Anyway, he looks in the door, and pipes up with "Hey, can we use that cool, pointy sword that's hanging on your wall?" OK, we know I used to collect blades (probably still would if I could afford to). Hanging on the wall next to my desk, though, is a cheap plastic thing I found at the store last Halloween, and just thought was neat lookin'. in fact, the only reason it's hanging there at all was that I sorta absent-mindedly hooked it on one of the thumbtacks that holds up my Sonny Chiba poster one day.

Now, it's not worth anything, but I didn't want to start a trend, so I told him no, sorry. He just said "OK" and we closed the door...a few seconds later, I see him outside the window with a friend, pointing it out, and from the expression on his face, obviously telling his buddy how cool it was. Made me damn near want to change my mind.

Of course kids love me. I still collect toys, too.