October 1st, 2007

Archmage Chaos


So, let's see here, haven't said much ion the last several days...

- Well, this low-grade adrenaline/anxiety thing is really annoying the piss outta me. If I have something to be anxious about, then it's worse, of course, but when things are just smooth and normal, to have this jittery-stomach feeling all fucking day sucks serious donkey dick. Dunno what that's all about, or what I'm gonna do about it.

- I'm trying, really trying, to get some walking in. I had planned on doing it everyday, even just a little, but I quickly found that this was not going to happen at first. So, I'm still going to do 3 days a week, and doing it first thing in the morning. The weather is nicer, and I don't get a chance to get settled in and then not wanna move. nope, get up, check my e-mail and LJ, then out the door. So far, I'm really only managing to walk between a mile and a mile and a quarter before my lower legs and feet just hate life, but it's a start, and continuing this, I should build up to more as I get back into shape and start to work some of the weight down again.

- I'm getting a bit bent out of shape at the lack of help I'm getting from certain parties in reference to things that should be really easy and not time consuming. Well, I guess you can take the person out of the ghetto, but you'll never get the ghetto outta the person, huh?

- Have a little situation with Erik again. Frankly, that one is long enough to get it's own post, later.

- Talked to dravengodvamp last night, and damn, was it good to hear his voice. Got some stuff figured out, which is nice, and sounds like he's really getting his life back together. It's a long term plan, but it has great potential. Here's hoping, my brother.

- Oh, and the machine hasn't been shut down for almost a week, and thus is fine, so far. Just 4 or 5 months, and I should be in the clear...

So, Erik.

Seems Erik has an "F" in two classes, at the moment. Both teachers say it is due to him simply not turning in his work. It didn't take much to figure out why, either; Erik is very easily distracted. He can focus on his work about as well as a ferret can keep any one target in mind: "OK, what I need to do now is OOH SHINY YAAAAYYY!" *poingpoingpoing*

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