October 22nd, 2007


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Well, I had said that the hurt wrist was going to be a good excuse to NOT work on the barn this weekend. However, I forgot to take one factor into consideration: complete boredom. So, yes, hurt wrist and all, I did some more work on the barn yesterday. Man, it's downright amazing how much room there really is out there, just with some rearranging. I've got a single garbage bag of trash, that's all, and that's mostly just old newspapers and a few bits of old boxes, etc. Everything else, just moved around and rearranged in a sane manner, as opposed to the last 20 years of "just dump it in there and walk away."

As usual, of course, I'm doing this on my own. Now, don't get me wrong, Dianna has said, more than once, that if I need her help, she'll do it. Erik came out there and goofed around with me, helping here and there, mostly just telling me about some game, but it was good to have the company and to just hang out with him (which, later last night, he actually spontaneously told me that it was fun just hanging out with me...you can imagine how good THAT felt!). No, I mean help from those that SHOULD be involved.

I mean the fact that, technically, the barn is on Crystel's property, and lots of the stuff in there is hers or from her house, so you'd think she'd care. Hasn't walked into that barn ONCE, not even to see how I was doing. It's been a huge effort just to track her down to see if some things can go, or should stay. I actually managed to catch her yesterday, sitting on the porch with her new boyfriend, and I got more response and animation from HIM. Some of the stuff in there belongs to James and Amanda, and their stuff is the boxes that are just spilling out around the place. I've twice talked to James, who claims he'll get Amanda to come out and see if things of theirs can be moved, or thrown out, or whatnot, and so far, nothing. he's supposed to arrange for the dead appliances to be hauled away form scrap metal, and I'll bet you dollars to donuts that I go out there next week and find NOTHING GONE. I've had Scotty and Shawn tell me NOT to throw anything away, that some of the old tools out there might be antiques, but I don't see either one of them coming out to see about it (and any that MIGHT be considered antique are so far gone and rusted that it make no difference).

That's OK, though. No, it really is. In the end, it means that I only have to rely on myself to get it done, and when it IS done, I know it was done right. It's just a little annoying...like anything else at the farm, I'm just constantly amazed at how little seems to get done, with so many people living there. I've managed to get Rose to just write down the things that need doing, and told her I'll do them myself as i can when I'm up there...because no one else does. I know she appreciates this, which makes it easier to do.

Oh, and, man, you'd laugh at some of the things I've been told not to get rid of. Crystel's got two old sewing tables out there (you know the kind, where the sewing machine was built into a small table, where it could swing down out of the way), both of them defunct and falling apart, but now, I have to save those. you could say there's a sentimental attachment to them, but they've been out in that barn for 20 years. I don't think you care THAT much about them. I've found some cool old things, though, and a few things I've managed to just store very creatively and carefully, to liberate at a later date.

So, yeah, shoulders are a little sore, but not bad. Wrist isn't any worse than it was, so MAYBE the damn thing is healing. I'll start a new batch of wine next week (Wildberry Shiraz, not my favorite, but good anyway), and probably get the barn finished, depending on whether or not those dead appliances are gone or not.