October 23rd, 2007


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Slept for shit last night. Weird dreams involving cactus-things, and a little person who may or may not have been related to me, and water, and some big store...I dunno, this one was really jumbled up. Not all there, yet, either...*yawn*

Wrist seems to slowly be getting better. STILL sore, yes, but it's a slightly-less and slightly-different soreness. I'm definitely looking forward to it being GONE, regardless.

Been a little odd, but been having more fun with Erik lately. Not anything specifically, but it looks like he might actually, FINALLY, be starting to come out of his little shell a bit and assert himself. For example, I'm a bit of a smartass, as we all know, and I make little side comments to all kinds of things, comments that usually threw him off track or just confused him. He's starting to not only take them in stride, but actually respond in a similar way. He's actually picking up on it and handling it; it's damn cool to hear. We've also been hanging out more, talking more...it's just interesting to see the change, as it happens, and to see it in a positive light, regarding me. ;)

The Halloween event in City of Heroes started yesterday, so it's no surprise that I spent most of the damn day in there with my main, badge-collecting toon. Still, I don't think I'm-a go out of my way with any others, unless I get a good team making lots of XP. Most of them, I just don't care about getting these badges on, nor the 'costumes' and whatnot. Eh, it's interesting, but not great, you know? We'll see.

Well, not much more to say, just trying to write more. I get so few mails or anything, I gotta keep up some kind of communication.

Is This Really October?

It's sunny and a beautiful 60 degrees outside. This is just not right for late October. Hell, it's actually colder inside my house than out. However, I'm taking advantage of it. Much as I tend to be addicted to my beloved City of Heroes, today I'm opening a bottle of wine and kicking back on my back porch to finish reading Perdido Street Station.

Call or text if you like, I might even answer. Or just show up and join me in a glass.


A moment's pause, for effect.

I've just poured the last of the bottle of Gewürztraminer, and the book is working up to what is bound to be a beautiful climax. Just wanted to pause to savor it.

Of course I'm sharing it with you. No one's HERE to share this with.
Worship Chaos


That...was wonderful. Just wonderful. It could not have ended better...and yes, I mean the rather dour, dark note that it closed with, for all involved. The heroes may win, the threat may have passed, but the city goes on, dirty and corrupt as it may be.


On a completely separate and unconnected note: a real friend can talk to you about a less-than-happy thing that needs to be done and which could be seen as a disrespectful thing in such a way that it is resolved with no worries, no hard feelings, and absolutely no show of disrespect. It is a good thing to have friends like this, and to be a friend like this. More than this, I choose not to say. Just a happy thing.

Time to make dinner.