October 31st, 2007


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It's another cold, foggy morning in the Northwest. It's also Halloween, which used to make me happy. These days, with the way it's been subjugated, it makes me grin, but nowhere near as happy as it once did.

Still, I'll do something with myself, have candy ready for the few kids that still make an effort, and watch slasher films. If there were more people around, I'd try and get a game of Arkham Horror together...but real life, work schedules, and general ennui seems to put the kibosh on that.
Cerebus (Fed Up)

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From the "Make Money Off Stupidity Department": The Telescoping Self-Portrait Arm

Now here's a great idea! A simple cure for "Myspace Photo" syndrome - you know, that all-too-common self-portrait, where you're off-center, with your head half cut-off, one arm sticking up all awkward holding the camera? Well, no more! Now your candid shots can look like fine art photos with the help of this ingenious hand-held extendable camera arm.

Yes, I can think of some actual cool things to actually do with this. It's still sad. Get a real friend (not someone who "gave you an add") and have THEM take your damn pic, you MySpace loser. Or, better yet, stop being self a self-obsessed jackass.
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Well, there was my panic moment for the day. Sitting here, eating my lunch (chicken/potato/corn/beans/salsa kinda mix, good stuff!), watching Metropolis, and suddenly...

*POP* No power.

True to form, my first thought was for my computer. I hear something outside, and step out. No one around...but I see power on, further down the building. 'Da heck? Back inside...about to call Dianna, have her get hold of the power company, when, for some reason, I flipped the kitchen light switch. Lights...hmm, well, OK, power's back, right? No. Turns out, I'd just tripped a breaker. No harm done, other than having to reset my VCR clock. Best I can figure is that it didn't like having both small heaters running at once, which I should have guessed.
Glow Skull

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Grand total of 5 kids...and they all came as one bunch. Sad, really. Still, did my part to help keep my status as "the cool guy" in the neighborhood, by giving them double candy and letting them ogle the sword on the wall that they all think is so cool.

Oh well...Happy Halloween, y'all.

Fuck You, Fred

Ha, I love seeing a hate-mongering asshole get it stuck to him. Maybe I'll take a karmic hit for that, but it's worth it.

The Westboro Baptist Church was taken to court by the father of Lance Cpl Matthew Snyder, a marine who died serving in Iraq in March 2006. Fred Phelps and the rest of his sick little band, as you probably know, gave up picketing the funerals of homosexuals and started picketing the funerals of soldiers, claiming that their deaths were 'God's punishment' for the US not hating homosexuals.

Yeah, righty-o there, Freddie.

Anyway, Lance Cpl Matthew Snyder's father, Albert, sued the living fuck out of them. In the end, the jury ordered them to pay $10.9m in damages. $2.9 of that was compensatory (sounds awful steep to me...), and an additional $8m for invasion of privacy and for causing emotional distress. Albert Snyder's attorney, Craig Trebilcock, had urged jurors to agree an amount "that says 'Don't do this' in Maryland again. Do not bring your circus of hate to Maryland again". Defense attorney Jonathan Katz's argument that the $2.9m in compensatory damages already far exceeded the defendants' net worth and would be enough to "bankrupt them and financially destroy them" was ignored. Good.

Yes, you know damn well they will appeal this, and they seem to think they'll get it overturned with no problem (which means they probably have a judge in their pocket), but hopefully, this is just the first blow that shall be followed by more. Enough with this hatred, especially for such a dumb and unconnected reason.

Fred, at the risk of sounding hateful myself, the world is going to have a huge fuckin' party when your sorry ass goes straight to the Hell you fear so much. Hell, I'll lead the celebratory deviant sex party.
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