November 2nd, 2007


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Good times with John, playing Axis and Allies. Odd to realize I haven't played in something like twenty years...and man, did it show. The Axis got defeated...but we took a shitload of Russians with us, and crushed the American fleet in the Pacific, all to the tunes of TCR and Satiate.

OK, OK, I'm off to bed...gotta get up and post the Friday Pix!

Friday Pix

OK, so it's a little shorter than usual, and a little later than usual. Hey, it's been a holiday week and I slept late, and I liked it, so there.

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People have asked me why I quit doing websites and graphic stuff. Well, apart from the major hassle of doing it freelance, it was the clients. I just got tired of their inability to be in touch with reality. What do I mean by that? Here's a hilarious example...but funny because it's true.

"Make My Logo Bigger" Cream!
website with video, 5-ish minutes long, SFW

Every product they mention, I know clients that would have just peed themselves to have.