November 6th, 2007

Atomic Brain

Thoughts on LJ Nudes

I love the desperate nature of some people on LJ. We all know the prevalence of porn on the 'Net, and that any sort of social site is guaranteed (assuming it's not moderated out) to have a couple of types that will be around, apart from the rest of the users: those who want to show off, and those that want to see.

LJ, oh, we got a lot. Plenty of communities are set aside specifically for the posting of nude pix of one's self in the buff. Personally, I'm all for it; the human race, as a whole, is much too uptight for it's own good. It's liberating to be able to say "here I am, this is me" without the issues of doing this, say, on Main Street USA. A much larger audience, for one, and an audience that is there for this purpose, for another. The response will tend toward the complimentary, and that's an ego boost.

Speaking of complimentary, though...this is where group 2 comes in. It's a small subset of the watchers, but they stand out, glaringly. These are the ones who respond to any post of some young, pretty hardbody's pictures, going on about how sexy they are, how they want to fuck them, and then adding them as friends and asking to be added back. At least half the time, these guys (for it does seem to be be almost exclusively guys) make a point of having an icon with their erect cock in it. Not as a picture to post, like the rest of the community, because that would be more honest, no, just some way to define themselves and hopefully make this person want to fuck them in return.

It just fascinates me, really. Do these people just sit around at home with nothing better to so than to hope that, if they friend enough ladies who have posted some pic, that they'll be friended back? That, out of that small number who do, if they mention how much they want to fuck them enough, one of them might respond? That, out of THAT tiny fraction, one of them might actually - *gasp* - talk to them some day because they have a penis?

Don't get me wrong. I like to see a hot naked body as much as the next person. If someone posts a particularly great picture and I see it, I may very well comment to it. However, maybe it's just my personal level of gentility, but I can't even begin to think of any good reason to tell someone what "great tits/ass/pussy" they've got and how much I want to "make them my fucktoy" and, in the same sentence, say "I added you as a friend, add me back please!" and NOT come off as some creepy weirdo.

Even if I DO think they have a great ass, whatever, and I WOULD like to have wild, sweaty, butt-thumping sex with them.